You have reached the ultimate solution

 for manufacturing and C.N.C. 4th axis job work.

 This is your gateway to more than just a C.N.C. industry

 in Mumbai. We are not just developing moulds

 and metal parts we are providing a complete

 assistance in developing a product.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company

  If you have a job matching to the following categories for manufacturing and machining.

 to be executed on C.N.C. vertical Machining Center with 4th Axis or want to manufacture dies and moulds for  plastic articles, or pressure die casting for Aluminum objects, then you have visited to your solution. Please follow the menus above to explore the site. If you have any queries or questions please mail to kirit@omcam.com


  We are one of industries leading organization in CAD/CAM field in India. Since 2001  we have emerged as the one of fastest growing  organization. The only reason of our success is dedicated staff, and innovative approach to each problem.


OMCAM  can serve you complete your task with its  state of the art machines, technology and skill. Use the menus above or links below to browse through all the pages. All the images and job discretion shown here are fully owned by Omcam.

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